Wildfire/Heatwave Mutual Aid


The goal of this campaign is to organize mutual aid and other forms of lasting support for communities most impacted by the fires, smoke, and extreme heat. We can support each other through the fire/heat season and reduce the harmful health impacts with effective mutual aid.

What we do

We are providing support and resources to organizations already mobilizing mutual aid in response to fires (e.g. providing masks, air filters, water, etc) and working to identify/fill gaps that these other organizations aren’t already covering.

Our goal is to give people feeling grief, depression or helplessness about the climate crisis a concrete and community-oriented way to take action and feel empowered about supporting one another because THAT is the future we are building.

We aim to shift the narrative from “Wildfire season sucks, California isn’t liveable anymore” to “This is a difficult and sobering new reality that Californians cannot ignore or abandon. We must prepare to help each other through fire season and extreme heat with radical community-based empathy and care, because our home and our community’s health and resilience is always worth fighting for.” We do not give up on the places and people we love.

Join #c-wildfire on slack to learn more and join our efforts! All are welcome.